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Establishing an agile and future ready workforce

Strategic workforce planning

The department is people focussed and strives to build, grow, and inspire our workforce to be agile, inclusive, customer centric, and prepared for the future. The department understands the importance of creating a safe and supportive working environment and having a positive culture where people feel supported and empowered.

In May 2020, the department released a new OneTMR Strategic Workforce Plan: Future workforce 2020–2024. This plan was developed taking into consideration the:

  • Queensland Government's Advancing Queensland Priorities
  • Queensland Government's 10 year human capital outlook
  • Capability Blueprint results in July 2018
  • Working for Queensland survey results.

The plan identifies strategic drivers and disruptors impacting the department's future workforce needs and identifies four levers of change to prepare for the future and priority projects under each lever.

The plan will be updated annually to ensure it remains fit for purpose, with the first review due in November 2020 to assess learnings through COVID-19 and positioning on future ways of working.

Digital capability uplift

Throughout 2019–20, the department continued to strengthen its workforce capability to tackle customer and business challenges and opportunities differently. More than 40 digital capability uplift events and workshops were delivered to equip and encourage employees to adopt human-centred, value-driven thinking and approaches in their work.

Proofs of Concepts delivered through the TMR Digital Incubator also supported employees to learn and embrace iterative and agile delivery approaches, while exploring the potential value and feasibility of new technologies such as digital twins, voice assistants, augmented reality, 3D modelling, and cloud-enabled data analytics. 

The department’s approach to building and embedding sustainable digital capability was recognised in two national awards programs—being named winner of the 2019 Australian Government Digital Awards (Outstanding methodology or approach award) and a finalist in the 2019 Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management.

Industrial relations

During 2019–20, the department continued to experience an increase in complex case management issues. This increase can be attributed to the reporting requirements under the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Conduct and Performance Excellence (CaPE) framework, as well as supervisors and managers meeting their obligations under the Public Service Act 2008 to proactively manage employee performance. The Human Resources Case Management team proactively engage with the broader Human Resources network to provide strategic advice and guidance on early intervention strategies to mitigate cases from escalating to investigation and potential disciplinary process.

The Industrial Relations team continues to work closely with senior management, key departmental employees, government and unions in planning, negotiating, and finalising the department’s Certified Agreements.

The department continues to engage and work collaboratively with other Queensland Government departments, the Public Service Commission, the Office of Industrial Relations, and applicable unions to ensure compliance with whole-of-government policies, directives, and Award provisions.